Trading Plan – v 1.0

Trading System Core

I am an EOD trader and I trade off the daily charts. I enter when there is Pa at SR and all the time frames confirm. I will be focus on 4 pairs, which will be EURNZD, AUDJPY, NZDUSD and GBPUSD. I will too look at the other pairs for practice.

I risk no more than 1.5% of my account on each trade. The max risk that my account will take at a time is 6%. I will increase or decrease my lot size according to the 1.5% money management rules.

Trading Routine

I will have a trading session every morning for 3 hours around EoD. First, I will take some time reading the new posts on the thread, reply if necessary. Then, I will screen through 4 of my focus pairs, then the rest of the pairs if there is more time to spare. Then, I will post my daily finding. Then, I will do daily tasks depend on the day. I will record the whole process and post it in this blog.


I will be consistent on the things that I am doing.


I am not doing things consistently lately.


  • My account should be 3% in profit by the time of 1st Feb 2019.
  • I be consistent on doing trade related activities. Make the routine work.

Trading Journal

Last time my trading journal last 3 days long. Let’s see how it will goes this time.