#39 – Trading Plan Updated

That is for EoD trading, not for 5 minutes. Anything that goes below daily, I cannot really do them consistently. So…

Anyway, will see how it goes. I DIYed my trading plan for quite a bit in compare to last year. It started to slightly sway away from Strat teaching, more toward how it work for myself.

I’ll post what went through my mind when planning trading plan when I feel like to do that.


I see no real reason to not trade NZDUSD Now…

BB – After the BUEB, the price retrace on Strat Shadow. Now the momentum is back.
B – Last week confirmed the swing low.
W- BUEB above Strat Shadow after Strat Straddle, and across 200ema.

My actual target is way ahead, but I will addon along the way. Half of the position will be taken out in TP1

#3 It’s a day that full of PASR

I notice that my chart does not have Christmas candle. A gap instead.

Anyway here are all these that I have seen.

The way that this chart shown is not really ‘comfortable’ for me to think about trading it right now.

These are all in Paper Trade.

P.S. Posting this in my trade journal let me think that may be I should only post the trade result to PASR thread after the trade over.