#24 I guess my last approach isn’t really a good idea

As title. It is easily seen.

The issue is lying on how the monthly chart and weekly chart changes based on daily chart movement. If the bias is set right on the weekend, there will be some good trades that eventually missed because of it.

So… Let’s adjust.

Still, focus on simplicity, I will dump any tools that make my chart too crowded, or make my decision making inconsistent.

I think I gonna make frequent adjustment on my plan until I get to a comfortable zone.

Note to self: 不要僵化思想,不要对号入座,不要一厢情愿。

I kinda not making up my mind whether I want to post my trades on here for a minute there. I guess since here is where I will record my trades.

The reason I kind of holding back is, I am kind of trying to readjust the way I decide to trade or not trade. There could be a lots of major changes in criteria.

Though getting the right trade is not my priority right now. My priority is getting enough trade for me to practice my trade management.