#7 New Month Resolution

New Year Month Target?

  • Being consistent on actually doing the analyzing and trading.
  • Aiming for winning 3%1This is actually 3 RR in total. Since my risk per trade is going to always be 1%. The account is small, for the sake of capital preservation. this month.

And that’s it. Let’s just focus in these 2. Doing too much at a time doesn’t work out.

I expect my daily analysis will be faster since I am not going to spend time on chart that is not trade-able anymore with the daily analysis form that I get.

Hopefully this year will be the year I become consistent profitable trader. (Next step is to reproduce a whole guide of PASR in my own word, not to teach, but to make my trade further consistent as I can check whether am I trading properly consistently.)

#3 It’s a day that full of PASR

I notice that my chart does not have Christmas candle. A gap instead.

Anyway here are all these that I have seen.

The way that this chart shown is not really ‘comfortable’ for me to think about trading it right now.

These are all in Paper Trade.

P.S. Posting this in my trade journal let me think that may be I should only post the trade result to PASR thread after the trade over.