#35 A little more about 3TF analysis

Power of Time Frames
1) We take our direction from the BIG BOSS (Monthly)
2) We take our direction (and sometimes trades) from the BOSS (Weekly)
3) We time and initiate our trades on the Worker (Daily)

So, when we do an analysis of a pair or any financial instrument for that matter:

We identify our SR levels

We find out where the BIG BOSS is relative to ITS trend AND where it is headed in the SHORT TERM relative to ITS SR levels

Knowing the direction of the BIG BOSS, we review the BOSS. If the BOSS is fighting the BIG BOSS, it will be very difficult to trade so we WAIT until the BOSS aligns herself with the BIG BOSS.

With the BIG BOSS and BOSS now in harmony (both moving together in the same direction) we drop down to the Worker.

We wait for the Worker to give us PASR in the direction of the BIG BOSS and BOSS. Rewarding and stress free trades come when we time the Worker JUST TURNING into the direction of the BIG BOSS and BOSS at PASR (as shown on the attached chart)

The MOST REWARDING and STRESS FREE trade comes when you can time the Worker turning into the direction of the BIG BOSS at THE SAME TIME as the BOSS turns into the direction of the BIG BOSS.

It sounds SIMPLE and it really is that SIMPLE but to make it stress free we MUST trade with PASR. Trying to guess trades is the best known way to blow an account.

– Strat

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