#10 Recompare my view

Well done, Ali, I am impressed!

A PERFECT Basic PASR trade – a good example for all to follow.


Ok… that let me reevaluate how I actually sees this candle.

What is stopping me from looking this one as a trade, and this is what I should NOT do in the future:”

  • I generally want PA to retest the SR instead, which it does not in this chart. However, its close. Price is not perfect!!
  • Do you see that blue line and how a lot of resist there at previous swing high? That is kind of making it a small SR for me. Moreover,
  • and then it confluence with Strat Shadow. May be I should only use Strat Shadow as confluence when PA is actually going against it.

That’s it. I’ll suck a little bit less tomorrow.

P.S. A small goal for following 2 weeks, I will be looking for this kind of trade:

  • Ranging
  • From one SR to another SR
  • Across Strat Shadow

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