#24 I guess my last approach isn’t really a good idea

As title. It is easily seen.

The issue is lying on how the monthly chart and weekly chart changes based on daily chart movement. If the bias is set right on the weekend, there will be some good trades that eventually missed because of it.

So… Let’s adjust.

Still, focus on simplicity, I will dump any tools that make my chart too crowded, or make my decision making inconsistent.

I think I gonna make frequent adjustment on my plan until I get to a comfortable zone.

Note to self: 不要僵化思想,不要对号入座,不要一厢情愿。

I kinda not making up my mind whether I want to post my trades on here for a minute there. I guess since here is where I will record my trades.

The reason I kind of holding back is, I am kind of trying to readjust the way I decide to trade or not trade. There could be a lots of major changes in criteria.

Though getting the right trade is not my priority right now. My priority is getting enough trade for me to practice my trade management.

#23 Trying out another new way to remove confusion

Stronger priority:

EURNZD bearish
AUDJPY bullish
EURCAD bearish
CADJPY bullish
NZDCAD bearish
AUDNZD bullish


GBPAUD bullish
GBPJPY bullish
AUDCAD bearish

Weekend will check on which pair is more “trade-able”, on week day only enter these. Will update my trading plan since its changed.

The focus now is NOT getting the right trade, which I wasted too much attention on. The FOCUS is TRADE MANAGEMENT.

Since I’m kinda mentally exhausted on git gud at PASR, how about throw all of these git gud out of the window and actually focus on most important part of the forex trading aspect.

Through my past few days, I kinda wondering around www to see varieties, found a lots of hot garbages, and some valuable gems. Learn a couple new stuff, then look back to see what the hell make me feeling so wrong.

Eventually indicator land guy actually able to gave me the answer I need. Strat also mentioned that. The issue with Strat is, whenever I need to look for advise, generally I will have to flip through a thread of thousand pages (with this rate, its going to be times 2 sooner and later). I’m not gonna getting the advise I need at the time I need it.

Why don’t you just ask Strat? You might ask. How do you ask about something that you don’t even know? would be my answer. The way that Strat teach people is all well and good, until you don’t know what you don’t know but it still does not work.

If you end out asking such a vague question, you will end up getting ignored, or if you ask it clear enough to show that you are lost, the advice Strat will give you 9 out of 10 is, read back the path, practice, exercise your pasr knowledge on forum and more practice. That… doesn’t work that well either. 1Plus, believe me, it is actually very demotivating to post there overall, someone will pop out and show you “good trades”, and you will never understand why as you going to see them as bold trades.

The stage where “you don’t know what you don’t know” is very problematic, and “knowing only a little” is even more dangerous.

I don’t even know what am I talking right now, I might find a time to actually make a nagging videos to record down the frustration, to see how future me will react.


I see no real reason to not trade NZDUSD Now…

BB – After the BUEB, the price retrace on Strat Shadow. Now the momentum is back.
B – Last week confirmed the swing low.
W- BUEB above Strat Shadow after Strat Straddle, and across 200ema.

My actual target is way ahead, but I will addon along the way. Half of the position will be taken out in TP1